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Toilet Sink Singapore: How to Pick the Perfect Bathroom Sink for Your HDB Flat

You're renovating your HDB flat and it's finally time to pick out that new bathroom sink. But with all the options out there, how do you choose? Stainless steel or ceramic? Vessel or undermount? One basin or two? Don't stress, we have the best Toilet Sink Singapore and Bathroom Sink Singapore collection and we’ve got your back. Let’s walk through everything you need to know to find the perfect toilet sink Singapore for your home. We'll cover the pros and cons of different materials, styles, sizes, and configurations. We'll also give recommendations of Bathroom Sink Singapore based size and layout. And we promise - no fancy designer sinks that cost more than your monthly mortgage payment. Just practical advice to help you pick an affordable, durable, and stylish sink that will serve you well for years to come. Let's dive in Toilet Sink Singapore collection!

Popular Types of Bathroom Sink Singapore for HDB Flats


The size of your Bathroom Sink Singapore home depends on how much counter space you have available and personal needs. For a small HDB bathroom, a compact sink is ideal as it maximizes space. A larger Bathroom Sink Singapore may make the area appear more cramped. However, if there are multiple users, a bigger sink allows for easier use. Consider a sink at least 16 to 20 inches in width for comfortable use.


The most common Bathroom Sink Singapore shapes are oval, round and rectangular. An oval or round Bathroom Sink Singapore has a classic look that fits well in any bathroom. Rectangular sinks are a popular modern choice that complements contemporary decor. They also provide more surface area, useful in a shared bathroom. For a minimalist style, a simple square sink is ideal.


Bathroom sinks come in a range of materials including ceramic, porcelain, stone, glass, and stainless steel. Ceramic and porcelain sinks are affordable, durable and complement most decor styles. For a luxurious look, consider stone such as granite or marble from Bathroom Sink Singapore collection. Glass vessel sinks create a sleek modern statement but may not be as practical. Stainless steel is a popular industrial-style choice, but can be noisy and show water spots.

Installation Type

The most common options of Toilet Sink Singapore are drop-in, wall-mounted, pedestal and vessel sinks. A drop-in or undermount sink is installed in a countertop, maximizing counter space. Wall-mounted sinks are space-efficient but may require wall reinforcement. Pedestal sinks have a classic look but offer no storage space underneath. Vessel sinks sit on top of the counter, creating a focal point, but may splash more. Choose Toilet Sink Singapore based on your needs, style preferences and installation requirements.

Top Singapore Toilet Sink from Wasser Bath to Consider

If you're looking to renovate your HDB bathroom, choosing a Toilet Sink Singapore is one of the most important decisions. The sink you pick should fit your available space, match your style, and suit your needs. Here are some of the most popular options from Toilet Sink Singapore collection for HDB flats.

Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks are installed below the countertop, creating a seamless look. These contemporary sinks work well for small bathrooms as they don't take up counter space. However, undermount Toilet Sink Singapore may require custom countertops and professional installation, which can increase the overall cost.

Pedestal Sinks

A Pedestal Sinks or Floor Standing Sink is a stylish choice if you want to open up a small space. Unlike basins that sit on countertops, these beauties rest on a narrow base, creating a luxurious and airy feel. However, pedestal sinks offer no counter space and limited storage. They can also be unstable if not properly installed. They come in various materials like ceramic, stone, and even metal, offering a focal point that complements your bathroom's style.

Wall-Mounted Sinks

Wall-mounted sinks are ideal for maximizing floor space in a compact bathroom.  As the Toilet Sink Singapore is mounted directly to the wall, it eliminates the need for a countertop or cabinetry. However, wall-mounted sinks require professional installation and may not suit bathrooms with concrete walls. They also lack counter space and storage.

Semi-Recessed Basin

A semi-recessed basin is a type of sink that rests partially on a countertop and dips slightly below the surface. This creates a modern look and frees up counter space compared to a fully recessed basin. They're popular for their clean lines and compatibility with various countertop materials. Installation typically involves fixing the basin directly onto the counter. With many stylish and space-efficient options, you can find the perfect Toilet Sink Singapore to make your HDB bathroom both functional and fashionable. Choose one that fits your needs, complements your decor, and helps you make the most of your available space from Toilet Sink Singapore collection.

Choosing the Right Sink Size for Your Bathroom

When picking out a new Toilet Sink Singapore for your HDB flat, you have plenty of highly-rated sinks from Wasser Bath to choose from. These Toilet Sink Singapore are known for high quality, stylish designs made to suit compact spaces.


  • Type: Counter-top basin
  • Size: 400x330x145mm
  • Material: Ceramic
The HY-3020 combines functionality with a sleek design, making it an excellent choice for modern bathrooms. Its counter-top installation provides versatility, and the ceramic material ensures durability. With its compact size, the HY-3020 fits well in smaller spaces while still offering practicality. Whether in residential or commercial settings, this basin adds both style and convenience.

WT 9001

  • Type: Floor-standing basin (also known as a pedestal basin)
  • Size: 500x500x840mm
  • Material: Ceramic Ware
The WT 9001 combines functionality with an elegant design, making it a suitable choice for modern bathrooms. Its floor-standing design provides stability, and the ceramic material ensures durability. The generous size allows for comfortable use. Whether in residential or commercial spaces, the WT 9001 adds a touch of sophistication to any bathroom setting.

HY 496

  • Type: Semi Recessed Basin
  • Size: 430x430x180mm
  • Material: Ceramic
The HY 496 combines practicality with a modern design. Its semi-recessed installation allows for a sleek appearance while maximizing countertop space. Crafted from durable ceramics, this basin ensures longevity. With its compact dimensions, the HY 496 is ideal for bathrooms where space is at a premium. Whether in residential or commercial settings, this basin adds functionality and style.

MG 2209

  • Type: Rectangular Undermount Basin
  • Size: 520x370x200mm
  • Material: Ceramic
The MG 2209 combines functionality with a clean, modern design. As a rectangular undermount basin, it seamlessly integrates into your countertop, creating a sleek and unobtrusive look. Crafted from durable ceramic material, this basin ensures longevity and easy maintenance. With its generous dimensions, the MG 2209 provides ample space for daily use. Whether in residential or commercial settings, this Toilet Sink Singapore offers both practicality and aesthetic appeal.

HY 3041L

  • Type: Wall Hung Basin
  • Size: 410x270x140mm
  • Material: Ceramic
The HY 3041L is a practical and space-saving wall hung basin. Its compact dimensions make it suitable for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms. The ceramic material ensures durability and easy maintenance. When installed, it appears to “float” on the wall, creating a sleek and minimalist look. Whether in residential or commercial settings, the HY 3041L combines functionality with modern aesthetics. With so many options based right here at Wasser Bath, you'll have no trouble finding a stylish, compact sink to suit your needs and budget. Compare models at our website to determine which design and quality best match your own style from Bathroom Sink Singapore collection. Your perfect Bathroom sink is here, you just have to look for it!

Getting the Most Functionality Out of Your Bathroom Sink

When choosing a Bathroom Sink Singapore for your HDB flat, size matters. The sink has to fit comfortably in your available space and suit your needs. Think about how you use your bathroom—are you someone who likes to spread out cosmetics and toiletries, or do you prefer a minimalist look?

Consider Your Bathroom's Dimensions

Measure your bathroom countertop and any cabinetry to determine maximum sink dimensions. Standard Toilet Sink Singapore sizes range from 20 to 32 inches in width, but smaller 3/4 bathrooms may require a more compact sink. For a small space, consider a corner sink, wall-mounted sink, or pedestal sink which take up minimal floor area. Console sinks with open space underneath are also great for small bathrooms as they create an illusion of more space.

Choose a Sink Shape That Suits Your Style

The shape of your sink makes a design statement in your bathroom. Round Bathroom Sink Singapore have a softer, traditional look while square or rectangular sinks appear more contemporary. Unusual shapes like wave bowls or shells can give your bathroom a sculptural flair. If replacing an existing drop-in or undermount sink, choose a shape that will complement your countertop’s cutout.

Don't Forget About Sink Depth

For a main bathroom sink used for tasks like washing your face or brushing your teeth, a deeper sink basin is more practical. A depth of at least 6 to 8 inches will prevent water splashing out. Shallower vessel sinks may be better suited as accent sinks. Consider a Bathroom Sink Singapore with a curved or angled bottom which allows for more usable depth.

Add Storage with a Vanity Cabinet

If space allows, choose a Toilet Sink Singapore with an accompanying vanity cabinet for concealed storage. Vanity cabinets come in a range of widths, with single or double sink options. They provide storage for items like towels, cleaning supplies, and toiletries that you want to keep out of sight. For small bathrooms, a sink with cabinetry that extends to the floor creates a more built-in look. By considering your available space, personal needs and style preferences, you can choose a Bathroom Sink Singapore size and type perfectly suited to your HDB flat. The right sink can make a big impact in your home's smallest room.

Design and Material Options for Bathroom Sinks

When selecting a Bathroom Sink Singapore for your HDB flat, functionality is key. The sink is the focal point of any bathroom, so you’ll want one that suits your needs and complements your space.

Choose A Sink Size That Fits

In a small bathroom, opt for a compact Bathroom Sink Singapore that won’t overwhelm the room. A pedestal or wall-mounted Bathroom Sink Singapore is a great space-saving option. For a larger bathroom, you have more flexibility. An undermount or drop-in sink installed in a vanity countertop provides extra counter space for your toiletries and accessories.

Consider Your Storage Needs

Do you need storage space under or around your sink? An undermount or drop-in sink installed in a vanity countertop provides cabinet space below to store items out of sight. A pedestal sink may look stylish but lacks storage. If storage is a priority, you can add a cabinet, shelving unit or freestanding drawers next to a pedestal sink.

Choose A Durable, Low-Maintenance Material

For high functionality, select a durable, non-porous material that's easy to clean like ceramic, porcelain, quartz or granite. These materials resist stains, scratches and water damage. Avoid porous materials like wood that require frequent sealing and maintenance.

Add Faucet Features for Convenience

A single-handle faucet gives you precise control over water temperature and flow. Look for a faucet with special features like a pull-down sprayer for easy rinsing and filling of containers. A touchless faucet is ultra-hygienic and convenient when hands are messy. For maximum functionality, choose a faucet that swivels or extends to give you more reach and flexibility. By considering these factors as you shop for a new Bathroom Sink Singapore, you can choose one suited to your needs that will serve you well for years to come. Focus on size, storage, material and faucet functionality to get the most out of your sink. With the right choice, you’ll appreciate its convenience and style every time you use it.


Selecting the perfect Bathroom Sink Singapore for your HDB flat in requires careful consideration of size, shape, material, and installation type. With an array of options available, it's essential to match your preferences, needs, and budget to find a functional and stylish sink that enhances your space for years to come.